The Mauritanian (2021)
Directed by Kevin MacDonald
Produced by SunnyMarch
Credit: Assistant to Producers
The Electrical Life of Louis Wain (2020)
Directed by Will Sharpe
Produced by SunnyMarch and Shoebox Films
Credit: On-Set producers' assistant

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The Little Stranger (2018)
Directed by Lenny Abramson 
Written by Lucinda Coxon
Based on the novel by Sarah Waters 
Produced by Potboiler Productions & Element Pictures
Credit: In-house producers' assistant - Potboiler Productions
Yuli (2018)
Directed by Iciar Bollain 
Written by Peter Laverty 
Based on the life of Carlos Acosta 
Produced by Potboiler Productions & Modern Films
Credit: In-house producers' assistant - Potboiler Productions


A Sonic Pulse (2019)

Directed by Dorothy Allen-Pickard & Antoine Marinot

A Sonic Pulse explores D/deaf people’s experience of electronic music from a visceral, communal and scientific perspective.

This film was commissioned by Resident Adviser and Open City Documentary Festival.

Credit: Producer

Wannabe (2019)

Directed by Dorothy Allen-Pickard

Written by Ellice Stevens & Billy Barrett 

Produced by Ellie Claughton 

A hilarious, heart warming docu-drama about a group of elderly women who form a Spice Girls tribute band to earn a quick buck when one friend can’t pay the bills. Made with Breach Theatre as part of The Albany’s Age Against the Machine, Festival of Creative Ageing.


Credit: Executive Producer

Objectified (2019)

Directed by Dorothy Allen-Pickard 

Produced by Alice Whittemore & Ruth Sweeney 

A short documentary that explores new ways of telling stories about homelessness. Made in partnership with Museum of Homelessness with support from The Wellcome Collection.

Credit: Producer

Sands of Venus (2018)

Directed by Tony Grisoni

Produced by Rachel Dargavel 

A short film starring Shirley Henderson, Ian Hart,

Toby Jones & Dorothy Atkinson. A brother and sister who were close as children are thrown together by their mother’s potentially fatal illness. 

Credit: Production Coordinator

sands of venus.jpg